Our Story


Ever had that itchy feeling that something lurks just behind the curtains of reality?  Perhaps “lurks” is the wrong word.  Ever felt that somewhere out there… say, under the sea… lives a kind-hearted, justice-seeking cephalopod desiring to unite human-kind under the benevolent umbrella of his tentacles?

Guess what!  That itchy feeling has a name...  ShareSquid!  I first learned of ShareSquid the day he chose a certain Land Kraken named Dawn to come ashore and request my service as spokesperson to human-kind.

Ah yes, Dawn the Land Kraken.  Have you seen the movie “The Arrival”?  Well, those were Outer Space Kraken.  Land Kraken are much smaller and easier on the eyes.  Imagine my surprise that early morning when I opened the kitchen curtain and gazed directly into the unblinking eye of Ms. Dawn.  There she was, face smushed up against the glass window pane  putting thoughts directly into my mind while I calmly ate my breakfast.  But enough about that weird relationship,  let’s talk about YOU!

You see, ShareSquid yearns to discover what makes us tick.  He believes nostalgia opens the door to our warm and fuzzy devoted affection.  To this end, he kindly requested that Kraken Dawn tirelessly roam the dry earth in search of potential emissaries of nostalgic good-will.   Fate brought her to my house first, and thankfully I was suggestible enough to be rendered fully compliant.  Her first suggestion was that  we set up this web-site community for our friends to gather and/or coordinate.  

According to Kraken Dawn, There’s ALL SORTS of ways that YOU can become a valued member of sentient squid society well in advance of whatever it is they have planned.  Head on over to the HELPING HANDS section for just a few ideas, or you can click the Join button to just get your feet wet.


Did you click the JOIN ShareSquid link yet? Are you worried that ShareSquid won't like you? Seriously, he promised that he'll be friendly to everyone on his side. Plus his name has the word "SHARE" in it, and that seems like a friendly word to me.

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